Saturday, 1 October 2016

3 Guv'nors, much Death

Acting was excellent today with our new teacher with his complex dental work. I played a 51 year-old man with a clipboard lambasted by my older sisters and Sydney had lost her gold ring and the cleaners found it under the factory machine. But what I really liked about it was that we all got to run around screaming and being confused. Lots of stage productions are like that.
milton cemetery eastern road portsmouth
Bud spent £2 on a Santa hat which is a vital part of my Halloween costume. I hardly had time to ignore my lunch before off we went to shee Sham. Sham lives near a graveyard so his neighbours are very quiet (because his neighbours are squirrels). He had promised me a 3 hour Minecraft session but as it happens, his rig was all glitchy so we played Black Ops instead.
weed baggie marijuana medicinal
I am a noob at this so he did pwn me a few times but pretty soon I had the 50 cal with the 3 upgrades and I was RPG-ing his cars and fireaxe-ing him from behind after smoke-bombing him and that was 3 hours gone in a haze of mushroom clouds, flying cartridge cases and multiple casualties. Meanwhile Bud ran a half-marathon which as probably less fun.
Incidentally and bizarrely, this is the third time we've found a bag of weed at the side of the road. What is it about these people that makes them so dozy and stupid, that they just drop it? It does have a cartoon medic on the bag, maybe it's like those allergic-to-penicillin medallions.
Recovery from the shock took the form of biscuits and Con Air, one of my favourite movies.

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