Friday, 30 September 2016

Getting your Retaliation in first

vacuuming housework sexy girl failThe evacuation siren went off again today after another German 500kg bomb was found in the harbour by the dredgers. I know we voted for Brexit, but surely this is taking it too far.
Today was not so much a day of events, more of filling future diaries. I booked Sunday with Sham. Then he was going to Brighton (doughnut on a pole, anyone?) so we rescheduled for Saturday.
schoolboys making castles in minecraftI agreed to do an overnight hike with the Scouts, possibly getting caught up in the fervour, and not listening to the question properly.
But I brought Sham home again and we made epic progress on our shared Castle with added Farm. I worked out how to execute chickens without incinerating them and I've got so much more to do, it makes me all rigid with excitement.

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