Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Gutter Sniper

shoe send shoes lost in translation failThe House Captaincies were handed out today (or perhaps, taken by those deemed most deserving) which has certainly shown up a few strong characters in our year group.
pioneer .22 chinese built air rifleI am due to join the Scouts soon and just when I was burning dollies at the stake last weekend, the Scouts were on a biennial MacroKamp which I just missed so won't get to go on for another 2 years. But I do have rifle shooting to look forward to, provided I get my name on the list. Knowing this, I gave Jof an in-depth training lesson on all my Nerf sniper rifles and Bazookoids and Nerflet Launchers and so forth.
Then Bud got his old gun out of the loft. This Chinese-built Pioneer rifle is about 32 years old. Purchased while at boarding school, the house-master confiscated it immediately at the breakfast table when it arrived by parcel post, can't think why as he was working in the Combined Cadet Force armoury at the time. So maybe we'll take it along to the Scout shooting session if I get in.
pompey pals battalion memorial portsmouth football clubIn an unconnected event, I visited the football ground where a memorial to the Pompey Pals has been put up. During those heady days when we thought the First World War would be over by Christmas, lots of groups of friends and colleagues joined up from community centres like the football ground, major factories etc.
That is why the middle bit was torn out of so many communities when the war turned into a terrifying mudbath of doom, where none of the rifles were air-powered and everyone had a nightmare. This memorial will receive a Scout visit shortly, for Remembrance Day.

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