Friday, 2 September 2016

Getting the Boys round

3 boys in a bedroomJof was looking after me today, nay, she was my official chaperone. Thus she came up with the classic wheeze of inviting a few of my mates round and then abandoning us to our own devices in the watery paradise called The Pyramids.
Sadly Ben was damaged and couldn't swim, and Johnny was back at school, gosh, that was bad planning. But that didn't stop myself, Robert and Ben going to the park on our own. What did stop us was the monsoon 20 minutes later. MacDonalds was too far away so Jof cooked us MacJofalds which was burgers and sausages and chips and we had ice cream with sprinkly bits out of her cake-making cupboard.
Then it was Lego-Hero-Hurling (where you compete to make the most awesomely bloodthirsty Lego Hero and then hurl him across the room into the bin) and some banter-weight X-Boxing. Robert found my swords instantly (as is his unique talent): he says he's going to be an expert swordsman when he grows up, let's hope his blade isn't pointed at me.
collectible plastic boeing 787 model plane from i360 brighton gift shopJof is not a natural childminder but gradually she is learning to close her ears to our incessant babble which never makes sense and never stops. One by one the Mummies took their boys away and I settled down to some serious Creative Mode in which I made a secret base half-way up a snowy cliff suspended in mid-air by the magic of Minecraft. I guess you had to be there. I did make a mountain-top reinforced log cabin with numerous escape tunnels and hidden defences as my Eagle's Lair, any similarity between MungleWorld and the last days of the Thousand-Year Reich is purely coincidental and does not a global conspiracy make.
Here I am with my British Airways Boeing 787 model which didn't cost me a mere £22.50 on Wednesday. It says 14+ but considering I worked my way through the Schwarzenegger movies when I was 8, who gives.

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