Monday, 26 September 2016

Roadside Milestones

The whole school is going to put on an art exhibition. Every pupil will be forced into sorry will joyously make a painting or other artwork and some will make 2. These will all need to be displayed somewhere, and providing every child can persuade at least 1 parent, guardian, carer, second cousin, pet Pangolin or random person abducted from the street to attend, there could be nearly a thousand people, which rules out the school assembly hall.
piano on car crash funnySo we all had a voting session and a votive offering and at the moment, the Orangery at the Pyramids is the hot (and slightly chlorine-y) favourite.
Apropos of nothing, I have reached a milestone that is as intangible as a well-endowed Ender-Dragon. If you use Google Earth, you can zoom in to any part of the planet and examine it down to a resolution of just a couple of feet, so you can see the flagstone patterns on the seafront, and the colours of people's beach towels. Dotted around are little icons that represent a titled photograph uploaded by some helpful soul, so you can see decent pictures which may enable you to tell Grandad to meet you by the giant stone cannonballs outside the John Russell Fox pub in Andover High Street, which we did a few years ago. Or if you look up a local business on Google, it may come up with a description, address and opening times, and a photo uploaded by the owner or anyone else.
I now have over 500 of these photos on Google Earth and Maps. You don't get paid, no prizes are issued, you don't uplevel to 'Expert' or evolve into a higher being. I wouldn't have minded a golden halo around my profile picture. But it's nice anyway.
After school I took Sham again and we babbled nonsensically for 90 minutes and built several more sections of MineCastle, although at one point we did accidentally incinerate 37 chickens, easy mistake to make.
For Scouts I was one of only 7 kids to do the £3 challenge (provide a balanced 2-course meal for under £3 for the homeless shelter) and I did an additional voluntary speech with questions from the floor about my exploits at Centre Parcs, which met with lots of ooohs and aaahs especially about going to bed at midnight on Saturday night.

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