Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Out of a Rut and into the Groove

undiscovered buried corpse in gardenWell, another epic but very hot day at school. I only just bought those school shorts (well, in June) and they've totally shrunk in the wash, honest. So I had to peel my longs off when I got home.
Anyway, more maths tests fooled more people with their cunning linguistics, you really have to pay attention to the wording and spelling. Some students mixed up 211,460.03 with 21,146,003 which made a fatal error to their answers.
Once upon a 6 years ago, it was warm enough to swim in the sea in October. OK, it was the 1st and by the 2nd there was a sleetstorm, but it still qualified as October. Today we knew it would be good enough so we declared Wednesday Beach and gathered by Jabba the Beach Hut and we all went in.
swimming in the solent in septemberThere was a certain amount of going ooo when it hit your peanuts but after that we swam up and down and Robert surfed on the bodyboard and they played in the sand while Bud and I had a seaweed fight and we all got sandy crevices and afterwards I lay on a stone wall in the sun and relaxed while they lost the football in the bushes.
There are better ways to spend 2 hours apparently but I haven't met many of them yet.
premier portfolio air travel products
At home the alleged package had arrived so I opened it and it wasn't chilli death sauce. The British Airways model plane I bought at the Doughnut on a Pole in Brighton had its original supplier's name on a sticker on the back of the box so my personal slave had gone to the website ( and bought a BA Jumbo and something off the clearance shelf called Travel Tales Dice. The idea is, you throw the 9 unique dice and they show you 9 little images and you have to make up a story to save your sanity while waiting for a connecting flight to Kuala Lumpur, and for your baggage to arrive from Kinshasa.
In our story, some Inuits went on holiday on a slow boat to China because their snow had gone. Their passports were eaten by a tiger, but then supper was ready and our story of international snow-theft intrigue was brought to a premature extirpation and we never found out how many words they have for snow, stolen or otherwise.

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