Monday, 12 September 2016

Blue Serge Protector

teddy bear nightdress engrish logo failWell just when you think it's going to be a boring Monday, it isn't. At going-home time I was a bubbling cauldron of ideas and incredibly important things to talk about.
First was the IT suite. Mostly it's computing, of course, but there is an added third dimension with our robotics project. I have made a thinking-brain dog for a blind man with a stick who plods along unsteadily when your computer-controlled motor winds the axle. Others have made a fish tank, disabled pig with a pair of wheels, intimidating gorilla, and other Lego wonders, using internet-sourced templates. I am working solo because my team-mates chose to do PE over Lego Killer Robots, but each to his or her own, TBH.
I will get a picture next week, once they're complete. Then we looked at the trash-compactor and recyclables-sorter from last year and bits of it fell off and went behind the desk so we abandoned poor old Miss K to rebuild it.
meon junior school milton grassy knollIncidentally, this is the room where Child A was fiddling with a button on the wall last week and it may have been some kind of emergency-power-off button because it tripped out the WHOLE school and everybody in every classroom lost all their work (Windows did not shut down correctly...) including the teachers. Child A was admonished quite severely and made to tour every classroom apologizing for the Curiosity-killed-the-power incident for embarrassment punishment and even his parents were fined £50, trouble there. Plus, I took in my Dumbledore wand today, nothing in the school rules about boys not whipping their wands out in public.
Then, helpful as ever, I told the reception staff that the astroturf was pulling away from the wooden logs and the playground was full of Year 7s who left last summer but were just coming back to see the old Alma Mater. Based on hearsay, I have decided which school I'm going to next year. Let's see if the Local Education Authority agrees.
Recently I ascended the 'Doughnut on a Pole' in Brighton. But it's closed twice after jamming and trapping some luckless passengers. Nothing to do with me.
In Scouts I have agreed to a request to do the reading at the Harvest Festival, as long as it isn't an hour of fire and brimstone. This chance to appear on a different stage and perform to a new audience outweighs my strict atheism, and I have promised not to suddenly interject "Wake up sheeple, it's all pretend". I also got to be 'Helper' again. We took in a new noticeboard for the Beavers (sourced at zero cost from a local factory undergoing closure). We learned about body parts and healthy eating and I helped officiate at Caleb's initiation and got 2 new badges, all I need now is a seamstress!

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