Tuesday, 20 September 2016

SatNavs and Speeches

adult learning mathematics fail gold medal tableWell, it's practically back to work properly now with homework and lessons and SAT tests coming up at the end of the year.
These tests may or may not result in streaming the pupils of the world into bands of ability, possibly affecting future college eligibility or academic prospects: all of this is so far in the future for me I can't even see it, like girls.
But I did my first 2 practise tests and noted the time taken, and Jof helped me see the error of my ways and then I wrote a passionate speech asking to be made House Captain (this is homework, I don't actually want to be made House Captain) with a rhetorical yet ambiguous question about whether I'd be better than a chicken in the role.
But then our home broadband was so slow the Minecraft server kicked me off and I resorted to Lego Minecraft. I made (while singing to it throughout) the Minecraft set I'd obtained at huge expense from Just-For-Kids or whatever it was at Centre Parcs. The base board is orange.
minecraft lego netherwort wither beasts
Lego Set 21126 contains a Wither, 2 Wither Skeletons with NetherWort (that's the red sticky-up nobs) and a collapsible Nether Region, and a Steve, who has a TNT cannon. But then you knew that.

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