Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A Leg-up and a Let-down

engrish product name fail dried babyWoke up at 0700 because it was the first day of school. Then I bundled downstairs and remembered that I didn't have infinite time on the tablet playing Minecraft any more, so was at a loose end.
For Day 1 of Year 6 we had a bit of orientation with lots of new rules - I shall have to turn up on time! - and sections of the day for reading, assemblies and the like. We did some initial maths tests and I failed, like a lot of others, for not reading the word-problem properly and/or running out of time. We might actually have to do some work this year.
facepalm boy wrong products in postBut other than that it was truly epic with reading assessments and running around going pink and hordes of lost-looking Year 3s, haha. I spent a quiet afternoon and then Bud said I have a special parcel for you, open it and build it, it's like a Lego Helicopter but it's not Lego and it's not a helicopter. So I opened it and it was 2 bottles of Dave's Gourmet Ghost Chili Pepper Sauce which was the wrong parcel and he's still not telling me what's in the one I was supposed to get. At least I'll have piquant lunch sandwiches while I'm waiting for it to turn up.

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