Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Bog-Snorkelling with Bucephalus

malaysian product name lost in translationWe all have our artistic talents. Sham can draw parks. Ben C is a cartoonist. I can draw tree trunks. One of these might be useful in a future career. In ICT we did Scratch where you program a sprite and I made mine a monkey and it sang happy birthday and 2 parents appeared and gave it some bananas and a present which opened and revealed another 50 bananas which I had to design myself.
You know where old men in stripy trousers and bushy eyebrows stand there and read from the telephone directory for 17 hours to defeat a motion in the House of Commons, curse of the TV schedulers of 'Today in Parliament'? This is called filibustering and is designed to bore everyone to death by burbling pointless rubbish for so long, the summer holidays come around and everybody has to go home and the important law that Eye-brow Man didn't like runs out of time to get signed off.
climbing swings uprightsWell, this afternoon I described at great length the Minecraft Mob I wish to create: a Vampire Archer. These are Boss Mobs that spawn in the Nether Fortress Wart Room and they have a diamond sword and attack strength of 4-6 and 20 health points and shoot fireballs from their sleeves if you get too close, it doesn't matter if you don't think that's particularly Vampyric, and if you kill one they drop a piece of rotted meat and in 10% of cases will also drop a Nether Vampire Tooth just like the Wither Skeletons that drop a Wither Skeleton Skull 10% of the time and you can build a Wither if you get enough Skulls and if you get 8 Vampire Teeth you can craft a Nether Nexus but that means you have to kill at least 80 Vampire Archers on average so that you don't get the Nexus if you're only a Noob with a stone axe or something because the Nexus is really OP and Boss and they wouldn't want that, would they....
Perhaps I have a hidden talent to complete a 3-day filibuster without using a phone book.
Anyway we did Wednesday Park and one of the Green Guys (not nauseous aliens, they go to a school where the uniform is green) climbed the swings so we called him Tinkerbell but we still did ball-tag and swing-kick.

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