Friday, 9 September 2016

Keys to the Future (and the Past)

puppy attacks football funny failWe have been settling into our new class with ongoing assessments. I state that I got 34/35 in my maths test which was a fail, and that my reading test gave me a level range of 4-8.
I've had to start with such a kiddie book (level 4.7) that I am determined to improve my level so I don't have to read such lame poop.
jimi hendrix electric ladyland portraitBud has only one month left at his work because of the impending end-of-the-world scenario, so he brought in another box of the giant cardboard tubes and associated funnies for the art class. We opened it in front of my teacher and she loved it. I took the chance to examine the portrait of Jimi Hendrix, which is taken from his epic 3rd studio album "Electric Ladyland" (1968). Funny, because on the front cover of this album, 19 naked ladies stretch out languidly and demonstratively. I guess that wouldn't have gone down so well in a Year 6 art class.
Jof had told us to spend 15 minutes running around the park, so we did that. I met Scouts Harry and described in detail the Redstone-TNT clock dispenser that I'd seen in a Minecraft video.
IBM model M keyboard greenock scotland 1994So that's what I did when I got home. My new seeded world was sufficiently rocky with interesting topography so I set up my TNT dispenser and let it blow its way down to bedrock. What was also interesting was the IBM PS/2 keyboard (model M) now attached to the computer.
It goes bat bat bat and almost plays a tune as you type, plus it's big and butch and you could use it as a Spitfire wheel chock and it's so groovily retro. Even Jof liked it. It's 22 years old, and indestructible, like everything else made in Scotland.

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