Monday, 5 September 2016

Day 48

collection of meon junior school uniformWowee, Day 48 of the school holidays. I had been specifically promised a lazy uneventful day, although that can mean very different things to an active man as it does to a boy who is prepared to spend the whole day naked watching Minecraft videos on Youtube. So there I was, watching Minecraft videos on Youtube naked, when he said right then, you have to try on your school uniform.
This went down like a Led Clone and I stumped upstairs to see the entire bedroom festooned with uniform, and the halls decked with boughs of school shoes. So, so many shirts. So many trousers, in fact, had shrunk over the holidays and no longer fitted. These were bagged up and he walked down to the charity shop and I trailed along 10 paces behind, staring at the pavement, for I was still in Huff. The cashpoint was out and so that meant a lengthy and indignantly smouldering detour to Tesco, where the security guards were filling it up so we had to wait in silence not making eye contact.
But at long last I was able to follow him up to the hairdressers where it was only the friendly banter of the cutting-lady with her kid 2 years below me at my school that got me out of Huffmode. I apologized, remember this for later. I found a Bug Hotel in the park, just a pile of pallets and soil for locally grown insects.
milton park portsmouth wildlife project
Then it was lunch. I'd forgotten to ask for breakfast because of all the Naked Minecraft so I was hungry and chose Terminator 2 to watch and it was funny. But I'd barely done an hour of Minecraft when Flynn arrived for Scouts and when I had to stop Minecrafting again, and all the black clouds of discontent came flooding back and I walked my scooter to Scouts, refused to do anything at all and walked it right home again.
Jof convinced me not to throw my life away and I became Number 1 to the Scout leader as I am the oldest. We made a code of conduct with various punishments for transgressions such as doing the moonwalking chicken. I apologized for my Huff, wonder how many times I can get away with that.

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