Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Milk Round 1

stupid dog destroys a sofa what meSchool was ok today. It was the school after school that mattered. First, I took Sham home and we Shpoke shyte again as is our way. We crossed 6 roads (well, 5, but one has 2 lanes) and we failed to look either way on the first 4. It is not that we assume we're being protected by an unseen hand, more that what? we're talking here ... Road safety is not even on our horizons. If asked, we can all quote the Green Cross Code or whatever it is nowadays, but in practice it would actually be good if we were gently hit by a car to make us look automatically.
Normally we'd expect to go to the park and the weather was indeed good enough but because we didn't have to, we didn't, and made a new Minecraft world on the X-Box for an hour and a half.
milton cross academy open eveningOnce Sham had gone home, Jof joined us and we walked to a potential new school with only 2 minor stopoffs to meet and greet local cats. We have to assess the educational quality of at least 2 schools, and it's not as if we're experts in any of it. The catholic school sent us an invite too, but we'd have to do some serious fibbing and forging of baptismal records to get in one of them.
So we started with this nearby one. It is slightly younger than me and right by my birthplace. Staff and pupils alike greeted us at the door and we lost our designated guide sharpish and met Ben and Bo doing some rock-on drumming.
We poked our noses into the drama room, the library where Lego programmable robots stalked the aisles, the biology lab where I handled a green stick insect with wavy antennae. They also have the bugs-in-resin sets that we got from Barnardo's charity shop! I had a couple of bits of cake from the field kitchen in the main atrium.
The head teacher tried to make herself heard above the babbling of babies and we met half the Puddlers and 37 other people I know and watched a chemistry demonstration.
Mr Smith the type-cast chemistry man exploded a jelly baby in a test tube and seemed to enjoy it so we came back for the next session in which he set fire to a huge tub of methanol vapour and shot bottles across the room and killed 3 balloons with a lighted taper on the end of a long ruler. The first was just air. The second was pure hydrogen which made its own little mushroom cloud of rising orange flame and the third was a hydrogen-oxygen mixture as seen in the video.
Of course we all thought that blowing things up was epic so we all want to attend this school. It does look good actually and half of my friends will be going there so this educational establishment is now in first place.

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