Sunday, 4 September 2016

I'm never Drinking again

As it is the penultimate day of the holidays, I got up at 1115. Jof followed at 1130 and she didn't look happy. Apparently at times like this, the phrase "I'm never drinking again" is bandied around like so many empty words, for we all know that another of them will invent a 60th birthday party in a minute and it'll all begin again. Still, it's good for us kids as we get to play unmolested for hours on end and then laugh as they fall into a flowerbed.
So because it seemed easier, Bud drove us to the supermarket where we had lunch (breakfast had stopped being served) and we only had to go into the main shop and buy a sack of chocolate for the afternoon and we were set! OK, so Jof was cold and had to buy a top, but then again, I had to buy some headphones for my tablet there a few weeks ago.
typical boys bedroom nerf guns terminators
While I was watching Star Wars (even though it's Star Trek day) my room was tidied and some new film-related posters have gone up. Mine is not your average boy's bedroom, I have no Manchester F****ng United posters (or Scunthorpe, or Arsenal, sure there's a joke in there somewhere), no football shirts, no picture of some Argentinian footballer with greasy girlie locks and a name that sounds like he's clearing his throat, and no tennis girl scratching her bum.
But I do have Arnie, Jaws, several crates of Lego, and some planes and weapons and stuff.

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