Thursday, 1 September 2016

Norbert Overload

Sprang out of bed at 0700, because it is the holidays, after all. Jof told me I had to make my own breakfast, so I did that.
Today I spent the day in the Sweatbox (local childminding facility I have used on numerous occasions) and you get choices of activities. First up was wander around Victoria Park looking for pigeons and other wildlife. A huge proportion of us chose this option, but I went for design-your-own-country.
I should mention at this stage that parents of 'Special People' ie the Norberts who only have one word ("Hnargle!") have to go back to work like the rest of them, so need childcare options during holidays while the Special Schools are closed. Perhaps today more parents needed it than before, because we had such an impressive range of hooters, cacklers and screamers that the poor staff were hard pushed to keep control. Now, we're all different in our own ways and you can't complain but one of them went off on a Class A huff which was of the turning-over-tables and kicking-the-walls variety.
During this, one girl made a country (population 4) made entirely of confectionery where it rains hot chocolate, lightnings syrup, and men are made of Gummi Bears and girls are made of candy floss, not a puppy dog tail in sight. Another one had a secret-base country in Antarctica where everyone (population 44 billion billion billion) is naked and another made a country bigger than Russia with a population of 1, who sleeps on nuclear weapons. But I invented 'Mungletonia' which is an English-speaking Sterling-based mid-Pacific archipelago with my dear self as King, with some separation of duties between the islands.
charter academy ymca fairthorne daycampsThus I have Power-generating island, Tourist-trap island, Camping island and the suspiciously-named "Offshore island". Capital city: Hotelious City. Population is 1.123 Billion, which I suspect includes the chickens. And the lobsters.
And I built some Lego weaponry and went swimming for ages in the pool where I started out as Red Hat all those years ago. For lunch I finished off the last of the Majorcan dried apricots that we lifted from the restaurant on the last day to sustain us through the flight.

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