Sunday, 11 September 2016

Acute Angling

building being gutted for renovationUp first. This means I can get some Minecraft videos watched without being disturbed. But, it didn't take long before I was being told to have breakfast, do homework, help put the shopping away, all the usual things. And that is why I started to object and push back and argue and refuse. Jof is tired of the battling, and so am I, why can't they just leave me to it? The homework was to write an acrostic poem about homelessness using the spelling words of the week: but it's all a contrived nonsense given that the words include audacious, delicious, luscious, precocious, judicious and subconscious, none of which are easily linked to domestically challenged people.
Anyway, we have a Scout camp coming up and that means wood collection. My peripatetic wood-searcher had spied a possible source of wood and I huffed my way to the car to see it. The Southsea Sea Angling Club in Granada Road has either gone bankrupt and been sold off, or has become so rich it can afford to completely refurbish their premises. I vote the former.
But this did mean the place was being completely gutted and even on a Sunday, swarthy builders were inside, throwing lath and plaster down an old table into waiting skips.
They were delighted to allow us to appropriate as much as we wanted so we broke up some old wood panelling from the bar area, found some banisters, joists, doorframes and similar, and we put it all in our garage. In case you're wondering why I look so angry, it's because every time I meet one of those fences, I have to pretend to be Sarah Connor having her bad dream about children flying apart like leaves.
And it was a lovely day and Ben was at Jabba the Beach Hut so we cycled down to meet him and many friends were playing football so Jof and I swam in the sea and I did my underwater karate moves on her and then we looked for Ben's lost football but we couldn't find it. OK, sometimes it's worth being disturbed from my Minecrafty reverie.

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