Tuesday, 13 September 2016


engrish product lost in translationWell, a pretty normal school day. I took in a 4-pack of baked bean tins for the collection for those with no fixed abode: so at least they can light their own farts. The topic finishes on Friday, although it'll start again in Scouts. I also tried to make a playdate with Okely Dokely but it seems I'm never available at the right time.
But deep in the night, a vision came to me in a dream, or was it a dream within a dream in a vision, who knows. Anyway, I knew what I wanted to do in Minecraft, which was to re-create Elementia, the unlicensed Minecraft knock-off book series I've been reading. Now, stuck at school with no method of recording a reminder for later, (no, pen and paper is not available, I say) I gouged myself repeatedly in the arm with my pencil, doing a big capital E, like some kind of prison tattoo. I washed it to see if it was permanent, and it all came off instantly. Luckily, you could still just about see the raised welts by the end of the day and I was able to make a start on Minelementia.
Thus the afternoon passed without gas, incident or exercise, although I lied about the gas. And Bud found out his job finishes next month, hope we don't end up being homeless and having to eat our own baked beans.

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