Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Milk Round 3 (Activate travelling matte)

life of a gamer no sleepWe had a long PE lesson today where we did team-building games involving getting all 7 of us across the gym floor in the shortest time possible, to train us for future corporate team-building exercises. On the version with 1 bench and 2 gym mats we got over in 40 seconds by standing on one mat and passing the second one to the front and moving onto it, like druids moving bluestone menhirs from the Preseli mountains on rolling logs.
I missed Sham so had to settle for the much better Wednesday Park. OtherMax of Scouts and I played a little but he can climb better than I can and when the others didn't come, I went back home where Bud was building a recently acquired workbench in the garage.
So we built it together. I used the knife to cut the tape, chose my own Allen keys, worked out which way to attach the footrests and the backs and had to undo them again to get the light fitting on in the confined space.
workbench salvaged form xyratex seagateBut when we'd moved the tumble dryer and the 3 years' of dust and installed the bench, it was epic and a really good father/son learning project with the toolbox and the radio on and no interference. It fits spot on between the light switches and used to belong to Dear Follower Martin. The only things missing were beer and massive construction errors, like when we built the cubist cupboard thingy, with its doors on backwards and stuff.
portsmouth academy for girls open dayLater, we tried out Potential Secondary School #3. This one is a girls school but will now take boys. Numerically, this is promising for a growing lad, but it's quite far away and as soon as it starts raining and hailing, the daily journey will start to chafe somewhat. We met lots of known faces and I took the Maths Challenge where you make an equation with blocks of plastic, and another challenge with numbers and I won a geometry set! I expect everyone did really, but it made me happy. Pops won the iPad, alright for some.

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