Monday, 17 October 2016

And the Last shall be First ...

blind assistance dog funnySo yesterday we had a lazy tyre on the car which couldn't be bothered to hold in air any more. So Bud, who is normally first out of the house, had to loiter until the tyre and exhaust place opened to get it fixed. So I got some extra early-morning tussles and encouragement to go out and get a job etc. The nice man at the garage said "Cor strike a light Guv'nor (just not in this no-smoking establishment) this one's a goner and no doubt and this one 'ere is nearly shot through and you need yer tracking done see the way it's wearing on the edges there and you'll need the back one done 'cos it's almost illegal, get it done next month tops, yeronner". And that is why this Monday morning started cheerily with a £170 bill.
But I was having troubles of my own. In Ecology we have a group of half a dozen working on the project, so not all members have their full attention on the task at all times, if you know what I mean. So I got angry with Child A writing on the wrong subject and I kept deleting his slides and he kept bringing them back and it was less than satisfactory. But in Robotic Programming we managed to get the robot to move Damien Hirst's shark-in-a-tank without making soup and our bomb-clearing robot successfully negotiated the minefield and rescued the stranded vegetable seller.
adam blade beast quest orchard books vipero soltraAt home I had an hour booked on the PC for Magikarp hunting. In the modern society of today, Fuzzy-wuzzies are right out of fashion for shooting, it's Nether-Mobs instead, so I stood at the top of the stairs with a sword and went "Gnnn Bzzzz warg Electro-Shok vibe legendary setting choof choof bzzz krrr vadoof labalaba" for 20 solid minutes because that's what you do if you have an active imagination and no trousers.
That left me enough time to read 2 books. The Beast Quest series by Adam Blade may not be weighty tomes quoted by the Bard or sent into space on Voyager, but the approx. 130 pages are set out pleasantly with big pictures and a nice large font for easy comprehension. Plus he had to think of 42 different beasties to fill the series, no mean feat. Also they are brightly coloured and get me one point each on the quizzes.
I am undergoing transmogrification from Cubs to Big Scouts so this week I did a double stint, attending both meetings at a total of 2 1/2 hours of extreme Scoutery, getting to be both first and last, showing grit, determination and a bit of tummy where my Scout jumper is getting short. Flynn and I have elected to rise to proper Scouts next week.

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