Sunday, 16 October 2016

Right in the Globular Clusters

Sundays are my very own day for Minecrafting and Youtubing and generally wasting so I made absolutely sure that I wouldn't have to go to the supermarket, because that gets right in the way of my 9 hour MineTubing stint. I'd spent some time trying to download 'Pixelmon' which is a Minecraft add-on mod where you get Pokémons popping up left right and centre and as far as I am concerned, it is the very pinnacle of modern techno-entertainment that will never be bettered. Now, I'm sure we all know that chunky military funding speeds up development of many inventions, and in the same way, those special adult film companies have invested heavily in tech that will make those special experiences more hands-on and virtually real. But at my age, Pixelmon mod, honestly.
pokemon in minecraftSo he downloaded and installed it successfully by cheatingly watching the tutorial video and once I knew it was on there, I breezed through the supermarket like the man who invented solar panels for the sun shining out of his own butt.
That's when we noticed the front tyre on the car had some air in it, but not enough. We blew it up with the free air-whoosher in the petrol station, enough to get us home. And while he ran a half-marathon and Jof watched property programmes, I did a real marathon on the Pixelmon server and it was totally epic. I've got all sorts of beasties all levelled-up, this is my breeding ground where I make my Pokies poke and it's full of cake for some reason. The nice ladies I met yesterday who let me build a house on their land have been forgotten. I mean, she was 25, who needs it, srsly.

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