Sunday, 9 October 2016

Licence to Thrill

ford mondeo estate boot storageI could get used to these weekends, just think how many of them I've got to look forward to in my 150 years left in this incarnation.
Out of strife comes advantage, and out of crisis comes opportunity. So I need 2 passport photos for my Local Authority Licence for a Child Performer. I've already got official permission to miss school and all the rest of the application is the same as last year. So where is a Photo-Me booth? In the supermarket. And where can a hungry lad source a quality breakfast of his choice? In the supermarket café.
passport sized picture for performers licenceSo we went to the tip (obviously) and ditched a load of wood from the clear-out of old sets at the theatre and a load of metal which was from our garage clear-out. The fascist recycling technician didn't apply the minimum £10 charge for any of it, even though I dropped one of the bits of 'Hard Plastic' down the side of the skip.
Then he went shopping while I got my photos and my breakfast which was macaroni cheese, chips and garlic bread with a chocolate brownie to finish. Well, that's what happens when you give a 10 year-old the choice.
Again, that left me free to modify my Minecraft world for hours and hours, because I've done my homework. I have a book where I've written down loads of things I need to achieve in my MineWorld, such as making an underground storage facility and getting 50 diamonds, lots of little tasklets so I can tick them off regularly.

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