Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Gingerbread Man of Destiny

text conversation between american moronsAgain, a day of normality, nobody tripped the fire alarm, no seagulls entered the assembly hall to steal food, no jehovah's witnesses took the stand.
But I swapped my picture in art to an easier one, and we did percentages in Extra-Maths with the Headmaster so now I understand the science behind my phenomenal successes on the craps tables.
At home I'd barely eaten my prawns when it was time to go right back to school. I determined 7 reasons why it was different, including being at the wrong time, with the wrong person in the wrong clothing, etc.
meon junior school year 6 classroomOnce I'd shown him my empty classroom again, we met my teacher for the teacher-parent ganging-up-on-the-kid meeting, and I had to be there for this one. She was armed with an image of an empty gingerbread man and filled it in with positives, overall impressions and negatives to be worked on.
I am apparently, her superstar. Furthermore, yerronner, I am a high flier in maths but could possibly benefit from babbling less with Okely Dokely. I always blame him for being the talker but it takes 2 to babble.

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