Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Rainbow (sing it)

curly yellow slide and yellow ladderchinese engrish ripoff handbag legend failSchool was normal. Most stuff was normal. Because of Robotics I didn't have to do French (hooray) and because of PE, 2 possibly disruptive members of our Ecology team weren't there so we redid the whole deforestation project without them and scored top marks, hooray. In maths they asked what 3 prime numbers multiply together to make 1001 and I was the only one to get it right, hooray. 3 Hoorays in a row make me a hipster, surely.
crete greece t shirt for kidsIt was Wednesday so I duly parked it and there were a few co-conspirators but once Bud came back from buying broomsticks for the Scouts it was drizzling and this had attracted a rainbow. I used to sing a rainbow but I reckon it's only the 3rd one I've ever seen. They don't come out very well unless you use a long exposure but the last time I tried that in the park there was trouble.
Anyway, I moaned that getting older was bogus because I couldn't go trickle treating, and then we had a discussion about whether Gyarados (atrocious dragon-shaped Pokémon that evolves from a Magikarp - but you knew that) should be pronounced Guy-ara-dos rather than Garridose.

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