Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Cleanup in Aisle 3

balloons stuck in a treeteachers drink to reduce stress of teaching brats funnyWell gosh, wasn't I angry today. In PE we did multi-games to include handball and football and Child B was too competitive and we all hated him and because the teacher was refereeing the football matches, girls had to umpire the others and they were partisan and incompetent and everybody hated it especially me. I hate ball games.
offset tilted spinning ringAnd to make things worse, we've got a 10-week art topic and we will only get to paint for 2 weeks because the rest of it is taken up with writing begging letters to venues city-wide and the best letter will get sent and all the others binned and it's so unfair, just like my entire life.
So I beat up my pillows on getting home. This, and the snack, made me feel a bit better and I met the JBs at the park and we did kickball and ball-tag and during one of the kickball sessions Johnny randomly fell off his swing (nearly as gracefully as Horst Funtlinger, Hampshire Zero-G backgammon champion) and we were, like, Instore cleaner to Aisle 3, dead geezer in Aisle 3. And all was good again with the sunshine and the running around and some excellent rebound shots and catches and some 30th birthday balloons stuck in a tree.
Later I tried out my new machine gun which is part of my Halloween costume (I play a dead German mercenary) and watched "The Great Escape" because one of my upcoming Scout events is escape-themed.

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