Friday, 21 October 2016

Freaky Friday

waterslide into paddling pool funny failTo celebrate the end of another section of our little lives, the teachers let us come to school in non-uniform, as long as we contributed £1 to school funds, for they are considerate like that.
Knowing that I have a Great Little Mini South Run tomorrow, I have chosen to prepare by running circuits of the playground, during games of Tag with Okely Dokely. I am 'Taunter' who goads the mark into chasing him and tiring him out. Then it was another boring roundelay of maths tests (63/64), spelling tests (10/10) and so forth, whatever.
But I took Sham home again and showed off my Pok√©minecraft world. Obviously only 1 person can sit at the PC keyboard at any one time and I think you know who it was, for the duration. I let him choose which Pok√©mon to use, what more does he want? Anyway, we got a Level 36 Poligrip and a Level 28 Trowza but my Nematoad was killed by an EnderWombat, what can you do. I have homework from school AND from Scouts, and we're all off next week! Lucky we won all that money (£7.20) on the Tuesday Euromillions.

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