Monday, 10 October 2016

The State of Welfare

Nobody likes Mondays. Well, apart from me, I haven't learned to hate them yet and no songs have been written on the subject. But then I haven't learned to love coffee or beer, either, so I guess it all balances out.
skynet self aware technology internet search history failSo, I got great news. Due to the League Of Little Lego-ers who are doing the robotics project, I will get to miss French for a fortnight. If I am chosen to join the League permanently, I shall miss it for ages, even better! We have a new topic which is how to save the entire animal kingdom. Quite wide-ranging, you might think, but there are five of us in the team so we'll be able to cover it. Sub-divisions (phyla) include: habitat destruction, pollution, littering, and my own subject, cruelty in zoological establishments. We shall be living in (being donated to?) Marwell Zoo next year so expect my keen critical eye on their treatment of us animals.
When we got home, somebody had left a rolled-up carpet on the pavement leaning up against our house. So we called the National Rug Helpline ... yes well anyway. Sham was not able to come round to play Minecraft so I wasted my entire hour in pants watching Youtube videos of other people playing it.
In other good news, Jof doesn't have to do the treasurer's job for the school-helpers any more after they said you can't just bring in the money in a Tesco bag, which will mean she can spend much more time cuddling me (and feeding me cake) on the sofa instead of counting all that sticky tuck shop money. See? Every cloud has a silver (and bronze) lining.
Stayed on after Cubs to join in with the Big Scout meeting. They are all quite big and loud, all I've got to do is grow 6 inches and I'll fit right in.

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