Thursday, 6 October 2016

Mergers and Acquisitions

star wars lego minifigures chewbacca joke funnyToday was all about maths and art. It was the third and final maths test which enables our Dear Leader to judge which topics we're hopelessly behind on, and schedule extra whipping sessions for those areas, such as fractions.
But the best bit was art, in which we actually got to do some painting. Our adopted professional artist is Roy Lichtenstein who did the cartoon-style paintings with bold colours and thoughtful ladies. So we drew some wiggly lines and filled in all the panels with different styles and shading, like cloisonné enamelling. This was fun although mine ended up looking like a big red brain.
At the end we had to clear up, of course, cue the dancing idiots. Child A managed to get some mixed paint (the colour of alien skin) in his mouth, maybe tomorrow he'll poo Ben-Day dots. Then they all left and I washed up all the paint pots, which is why I was late out.
xyratex plant closure salvage propertyThen I had another Sham day. We walked home and remembered to look both ways at all the roads - but only when we'd reached the middle of each road. Then at the traffic lights before my house, some daft old codger totally drove over against the red light - I mean, the green walking-man was flashing and the tweeters were tweeting - and we stood and watched him go by as we'd been taught to not trust anyone ever.
And we Minecrafted for 2 hours in which we acquired many items and merged our inventories for we are partners. Meanwhile, a new storage rack has gone up in the garage which has made things a bit tidier. Bud's work is being closed for legitimate business reasons due to excess global production capacity in a challenging economic climate, so little items keep making their way home to help out the Scouts, the school and our house.
Incidentally, Grandad (87) has booked himself a holiday in Vietnam. I'm sure he'll love it, long time.

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