Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Homo Erratica

engrish product name fail funnyJof went to work today even though it was her day off. I went to work but didn't get paid. Bud went to work but not for much longer. One man went to mow, but that's another story.
Today we played 9 diamonds in which you arrange 9 tessellated literacy components into a diamond shape in order of importance to an essay or short story. South couldn't beat East's bid and North won with a 3 of clubs. Then we watched the same Youtube video as we did in Year 5 about a 1st Grader drawing a butterfly and taking repeated constructive criticism from his classmates without once going home, getting his fathers' assault rifle, and killing them all. By the end, he had an absolutely cracking Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly and the plaudits of his peer group, all of whom remained alive to congratulate him.
scout group lock up garage kit
Then we had to list the pros and cons of each others' drawings which is asking for trouble, in a class of 11 year-olds, some of whom are nice, some not, but most erratic at best. Afterwards we looked in the Scout Lock-up for broomsticks. This is not witch-related, the Helper chappie last night wanted some smooth poles as frames to learn knots and rope-lashing with. Fortunately we'd bought some last year, it was just a matter of finding them in the somewhat crowded garage and not falling in the drifts of dog poo outside, because it is a communal latrine for the Baskervillian hounds of the neighbourhood.
That left me free to play Minecraft with added Pokémon and eat quiche and crisps and lasagne in front of Jof who is on a mega-diet again, poor girl.

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