Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Great South Fail 2016

tenth hole southsea cricket clubWhat a nice Sunday morning with the sunlight and the relaxed attitude to the day. I also learned that some parts of life are like a Rubik's Cube, the longer you play with it, the harder it gets, er. Then we said goodbye to Bud. Jof and I watched the beginning of the Great South Run on the TV and then braved the cooling breeze from Denmark on our bikes.
The whole world was there again and we went to the Tenth Hole (our go-to eatery for cakes and mini-golf) and I had a cake and watched the Elite Women and the Keen Men go past, and then the early orange people.
Bud was one of them and we slipped through the cricket club passageway to our vantage point by Lumps Fort Rose Garden and saw him again after the big Henderson-Eastney loop. Also spotted that day were some Batmen, a guy pushing a double buggy, Oliver the Scout, 2 chaps in pants, a rhino and some Mutant Hero Ninja Turtles.
lumps fort rose garden southseaAnd I dutifully stood on the promenade and shouted helpful things (in my mind) to the increasingly pained runners but even with coats, the Scandiweegian winds eroded our ability to stay, lucky all those runners were doing something to keep warm.
We all met at home for lunch and watched the Great South Run programme on double-speed to see if he was in it (he wasn't, and neither was I) and we had the Elucidation of the Results Ceremony in which we found he got the same score as last year (1 hour 12) whilst also being 26 seconds slower. I guess the time has come when age-defying antics fail at last. But we both have our tickets for next year, hooray for self-torture! Speaking of torture, I had to do maths homework and he had to drink Belgian Monastery beer, made I suppose by original Belgian Monkeys.

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