Monday, 24 October 2016

Chatting to Chaffinches

game of monopoly in progressHooray! The first day of half-term, or the first one where it's a Monday and you're not in school. It was always going to be a lazy day so Jof made us go to the park and get some fresh air. While we were there, we threw nuts to the squiggles and left tumble-dryer fluff and wool offcuts on the bushes for the birdies, to line their nests with. Now, some might say it's not nesting season so the nests will go unfluffed, but she says the birdies can make little fur coats and woolly fleeces instead. She really is very thoughtful about our feathered fiends, she saves bread crusts and bacon fat and says they can make their own bacon sandwiches. I think she's probably missed out on a successful career as a chaffinch whisperer or a sparrow crooner, maybe she's a great tit or a booby at heart.
Then we played Monopoly but when Bud got home from work I took it as a cue to leave and get back on the Minecraft. Later Jof found she'd lost lots of weight at Chunky Chappies Anonymous while we watched Dambusters: I liked the flak and the fact they used the word Nigger 20 times during the movie, because it was the name of Guy Gibson's dog.

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