Friday, 1 May 2015

Through a Glass Dorkly

football player falling down funny failBlue Day! Mostly I did Harry Potter book quizzes and the text message that Jof got from the school saying I'd forgotten my PE kit got me in trouble, because she said I'd been issued it on Monday and if it'd been nicked by Naughty Oakley she'd have to buy me a new set.
Of course, there it was at home hanging on the peg. I did some more book quizzes, my target is 15 and I'm already on 100 and something, my teacher says she's never seen anyone with so many points although I think she's fibbing.
In swimming I had a really good day because I can do tumbleturns and dives and underwater handstands after my lessons in a pool in Majorca last year and the others in my class are still at the stage of crouching on the side of the pool like a [person who can only say woo] and falling in forwards. But then I was damp of skin trying to get my clothes on afterwards and I burst into tears. But we did all (4 boys in various states of undress) have a stand-up argument in the changing rooms about a school rules sign. It says pupils of the school where I do swimming can't use spray deodorant in case they sniff it to make their brains go mushy. On threat of displinary action. Not disciplinary action. Nobody believes Bud about the spelling issue.
A quick Google search reveals that numerous academic institutions the world over are just as faking crop at speling, but that doesn't make it right.
Jof went out with the Puddle-Mummies to drink champagne at Henry the 8ths' castle, as you do, so we watched Jason Statham in The Transporter, why not.

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