Sunday, 17 May 2015


sunny day in parkSnuck downstairs to watch Minecraft videos singing the Pink Panther theme. He forced me into doing my homework which was a diary entry on what I remember from the school trip to Portchester Castle. Jof wanted to take me shopping which is a dire threat for any 9 year-old boy so I elected to ride my bike round and round the park and climb the slide.
That was when Ben arrived and he said he'd just bought a massive new Lego Ninjago attack palace or similar and he needed a co-builder and would I like to come round for 4 hours. There is practically nothing I'd rather do so we just ran off.
We built the Ninja Training Arena and did some hide'n'seek and went over the road to our mine. This has been a profitable on-off hobby of ours for some years now, we excavate the bits of broken house from the reclaimed land by digging away at the sea defences. Today Ben found an iron rod and we always get many bits of broken tile and old pipes and other treasures.
Then I slipped on the big concrete lintel thing and grazed my leg lots. I also discovered that I like crunchy chocolate squares, which isn't much of a surprise.

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