Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Acting Masterclass

peepig engrish funny product failToday was a great day in that I didn't put another hole in my leg. Other than that it was great.
OtherBen and I have planned a new Spellbook. I know that the Harry Potter 8 project foundered due to lack of interest and the Potters' Additional Spells Manual ceased operation due to lack of impetus, but we are both sure that the latest SpelBuch will stay the course.
So far we have such rock-on magical potentiators as Diggo (instant trench you can hide in) and U-Go (snatches your opponents' wand and destroys it, nothing to do with van hire).
glen walford actress director groundlings theatre portsmouthInstead of gymnastics I attended the theatre (on a Tuesday?) for an "Imagine Big, Think Big, Act Big" acting masterclass with renowned stage artistic director Glen Walford, doing a turn as guest instructor.
We chose sea creatures to imitate and I did seagull and sea-dragon and octopus and although many of my characters sounded like angry wind-ninjas, we let the true character come out in a flurry of movement and sounds.
We learned to occupy the whole stage and run around owning it and being loud, not in my usual personality, but I tried hard. Then we acted out a mermaid story in which Tom falls in love with the mysterious girlie in the very long dress who comes to church every Sunday but disappears before the sermon.
I was Tom because there were only 2 boys in my class of 18. In fact the older group following on from my session were very touchy-feely when greeting each other so if I decide to stay on it might be advantageous for nudge nudge wink wink know what I mean say no more squire. I have already decided that I want to do acting every day.

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