Saturday, 2 May 2015

On the Level, by the Square

picture of a horses arseSaturday. I've been waiting all week for it.
Managed to say hello to Jof before she went to work, actually doing OK after being led astray by the champagne-guzzling Puddle-Mummies last night. I had a mixed grill breakfast and hated the black pudding, ASDA just doesn't do congealed blood like the butcher.
At last, I started acting lessons proper. Because I'd missed the first lesson of the term due to being away at Harry Potter-land, I wore a Dobby the House Elf T-shirt to prove it. We did some mime and a mini-play about mime and this Thespian thingy is my new activity of the moment, long may it last.
Buying assorted lunchables from Little Tesco, we met 2 of Buds' work friends loading up on beer from the pub on the corner to give them enough energy to shout during the last Pompey home match of the season. This is also why we couldn't park near the house.
Then he forced me to cycle to the seafront to see a buncha Shire Horses. I really didn't want to go out because I wanted to read Harry Potter and play Minecraft and generally slob around so I kept up a Wall of Whinge all the way.
masonic jewel and regalia one trouser leg rolled up
The horses were very big and seriously aromatic. So here is a picture of a horse's butt. Even their tails had been made into ponytails. Er.
On Castle Field there was a rather sad-looking fair that was quite under-attended due to the biting Siberian easterly wind but we checked it out anyway and met the people from the sailing club and I promised I'd be sailing again when the weather got better, for I froze my little willocks off last October when I did the week-of-sailing for half term.
funfair game all you can shoot off you keepThere was a Freemasonry tent. This is mildly unusual so we sauntered over and they confirmed that they're trying to move away from the secret society image and they have a website and everything although they don't give away all their secrets about the pyramids, aliens and lineage of Jesus straight away, you have to at least be a member, provided you haven't been black-balled (there's a cream for that).
We also asked them about Great-Grandads' regalia and jewels. Colonel Great-Grandad OBE was a freemason, in fact the Grand Dragon or whatever of Oxfordshire. But when he kicked the bucket, they took back the mason stuff, and since we have his medals and uniform and sword and so forth, it might be nice to have his special secret badges back again.
Then I played the Zorbing game. This kind of Zorb is a giant inflated torus with handles inside and I challenged some random kid to a duel to the death and it's more difficult that it looks especially if your legs aren't very long so we spent a lot of time sideways and it was really funny and I want to do it again.
And I did the giant inflatable slide and climbed on the tanks outside the D-Day museum again, I wonder if every passing Aussie wants to change the sign to the G-Day museum. I didn't want to go home (remember the Wall of Whinge?) so we did the other, larger funpark by the war memorial and I shot the air rifle and won some sweeties and went in the Jumbo Circus for ages and had an ice cream and froze to death in the wind direct from Archangel, courtesy of the Russian Steppes.
Home was just a bike ride away although we stopped off to push a car that had broken down. Jof joined us. I told her all about it. I hope to persuade her to take me again tomorrow, and given that the May Fayre at St Mary's church is on Monday, it could be 3 fairs in a row!
Saturday Night is Film Night which is always my choice, there may be a good dozen or so in the to-be-watched pile but I chose Die Hard possibly because Hans Gruber was Professor Snapes' first incarnation. Despite many agreements I was sent for an early shower when I said "Oh Shoot" once too many times and we have all learnt from the experience.

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