Saturday, 16 May 2015


groundlings theatre portsmouth stage props and costumes for hireWoke up when I wanted to and Jof had already gone to her real work and I accepted eggy toast and so forth.
Over the road was a chap loading up his hired van with rubbish so we said if you've got any wood we'll take it from you for the Scout Campfire and all of a sudden he was mega-helpful and we all ran across the road multiple times with loads of bed and cupboard pieces.
We kinda had to go to the theatre because I pay them and we learned more stagecraft while Bud went walkabout.
garden gate and dismantled cupboardWe played a game called The Headmaster Has Lost His Keys where you have to answer structured questions in circles, much like drinking game 'Fuzzy Duck' or similar. I came second but I was in the stocks for illustration only. The lesson finished when the fire alarm went off and we all had to stand on the grass opposite, the man blamed all the little fluffs that were from the willow trees.
After acting lessons it was sunny and warm so I ate pasta and barely allowed myself to cycle down to the coast. 
Obviously I had to object at every turn and main objections were 'I can't see the road because you're in the way' and I can't do hill starts and I can't change gear properly' and I've got a stitch, and all of this faded away as soon as the task begun. I found some complicated and expensive-looking fishing tackle stuck in the rocks exposed at low tide and gave them to a fisherperson by the pier.
We had an ice cream by the Pyramids and slowed-home and we had simple supper and the Pink Panther DVD and I demanded more slapstick jokes.

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