Friday, 8 May 2015

Dark Side of the Son

crord spectator falls down bleachers funny failWoke up to a sea of blue, sensible, measured economic policies and a lot of miffed socialists. But because I'm 9, all I knew was that it was Friday and there were enough people in the conservatory to run the country, provided there is one after Haggis MacSporran has bagpiped his way out of here.
It was a normal school day, highlights were Maths and free time. Maths is still enjoyable at this age because we're still on junior arithmetic, they just call it maths. Grandad says that once we have to differentiate some logarithmic calculus-set matrices in a cotangent n-dimensional space, we'll wet our panties.
Free time was generous because Klans-Klash and MeinKraft are very quiet activities which may possibly have allowed Bud to take a quick nap which might have allowed me to quietly extend free time ... I can see a symbiotic relationship developing here, as long as Jof doesn't mind doing all the washing-up and cooking and laundry ...

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