Sunday, 3 May 2015

10 Points on your Licence

may bank holiday fairground attractionWell, it was Sunday. Leapt out of bed at a little after ten and then proceeded to do not much for the rest of the day apart from Minecraft and Finding Nemo etc.
I was supposed to slyly inveigle Jof down to the seafront fairground to pay for me to go on the bouncing balls of doom again but we didn't even leave till 5pm when at least it had stopped raining.
I played Flip the Frog. I played Archery. I shot corks at sweeties that wouldn't fall off the shelf. I went on the Jumbo Circus bus thing again.
I got a go on the sky-wire trampolines but they don't half chafe your nadgers, that I can tell you.
may bank holiday fairground southsea seafrontBut that's when Jof realised all the games were a total rip-off and took me on the dodgems. The idea was, I provide the Boot Of Power on the Accelerator Of Danger while she used the Steering-Wheel Of Namby-Pambiness to try and avoid hitting anyone else, by going round and round in little harmless circles, well away from all those nasty other drivers.
2 problems with this, straight away. Some random girl, egged on by her father, took a dislike to us and tried to kill us for the whole time the cars were active. Plus I kept grabbing the wheel and trying to kill her back, and anyone else too. Next time I get my own car, for I am an aggressive nutter that has nothing to do with watching the Transporter with his driving moves, honest. But after an hour it was too cold and windy and Jof can't go for more than 38 minutes without needing the toilet so we came home again.

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