Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Cycle of Life

hot dogs and burgers at wedding receptionAs per standard, I picked Ben up from school and we made up new rules for Tennis Ball Tag all the way home and then discarded them all as nobody else would obey them.
Our pre-park Lego was Klash-of-Klans building, we made level 5 towers and level 6 cannons and discussed inter-village tactics.
Then we met the JBs in a traffic jam and Erin joined us in the park which was nice and we all played Tennis Ball Tag by the standard rules but drifted off to play Penalty Shootout because Erin likes being goalie and it was sunny.
scouts badge bike safety halfords ocean park portsmouthBut we all had things to do and places to go, in my case it was Halfords for a Scout meeting.
scouts cyclingbadge halfords bike certificateI was one of only 2 who had forgotten to wear uniform and a dozen of us sat down at the back of the shop and the man from the bike repair centre spoke at length about cycle maintenance and safety which can save your life and he raised my saddle for free.
I said thank you for all the free information and we got goody-bags with a reflective band (green) and some tools and a maintenance chart and a certificate.
This hour and a half will get us a Scout Badge. Our thoughts are with Bagheera the Cubs leader who will have to sit through it all again next month for the other Cubs.
Meanwhile Bud went to Homebase and got barbecues and matches and 6 broomsticks without the brooms. He says it's for impaling naughty scouts and raising them skywards for archery targets. Can I pull out of camp at such a late time?

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