Thursday, 7 May 2015

N-N-N-None of the Above

yes children count as people funny fail signA great day at school! Our library was taken over by pole dancers, I assume, because there was a big sign outside saying polling station, over 18s only.
But our school didn't have to close, the rumour was that LittleMax's school would be off for their pole dancers, and there were an awful lot of school-age children already in the park when I emerged.
First job was making myself presentable for my public. I've mostly used the hairdressers on the corner and I went in and wowed the lady with my knowledge of my school, because her kid starts there this September.
sids the barbers milton road portsmouthI got an actual style instead of the usual Grade 2 and here I am with a free lollipop and a mean expression.
On offer today at the Pole Dancers in the school down the road are many boring parties and a few funnier ones, such as the Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship", Get Snouts Out The Trough, Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol and Matriarchal Party United Kingdom Great Britain. The Monster Raving Loony Party is just so passé nowadays.
I might just ascend to power as leader of a niche party, like those shouty chaps with the brown shirts and natty badges, before I start my cult and take over the world.
wimborne junior school milton portsmouth voting station general electionThursday is practically a day off for me so I played Minecraft and Klash of Klans and TV and snacking until Jof got home and we trooped down to the school I should have gone to but Jof applied to the other one. From my political studies at school I was able to tell her that at the last election (Morning-Wood in Japanese), there weren't enough people in the Conservatory so they had to make a coalition.
We queued up with the rest of the voters and we were the most interesting people there but Jof told us off for quacking and fighting, and the Herr VöterKolonel took the cards and I had to sit on a bench while the adults went into the little booths and watched Pole Dancers, I should imagine.
Bud said he was going to vote for the Toga Party and Jof for the Soft Furnishings For All Party.

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