Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Crisis Cakes!

dinosaurs genesis and gospel religious idiot failWe had another power cut today, it came back on at 0445, but I didn't know that.
When I woke up my clock said 3 am because it'd only been powered on for 3 hours.
Knowing that I'd got an extra day over the weekend, how come it feels like I've lost a day?
Anyway, it was a normal day with assembly and maths and reading quietly in the library and looking forward to getting back on Clash Of The Clans again. Jof had taken a day off to bake cakes. That's so middle class.
A few short years ago she took up crocheting with Nanna's help and quickly learned to make cellular blankets, which didn't always line up and were of differently abled colour schemes and she was proud that they would be used to keep colourblind people warm in far-off countries after natural disasters etc, so they came to be known as Disaster Blankets.
This latest charity (as adopted by her work) is a mental charity for whom every crisis is personal. Hence these are to be known as Crisis Cakes.
charity cake stall cupcakes personal crisis mental healthI decorated the last 2. In gymnastics I decided to wear my jogging bottoms instead of shorts, well it was apathy really, I just couldn't be bothered to change. It did mean I invented a new and interesting way of remembering which was my leaping-off foot for handstands and cartwheels - you roll up one trouserleg. Thus I continued the theme of the funny handshake brigade.
It was very windy on the journey and it seemed that every yard, patio or vacant lot had a plastic ASDA bag dancing in a permanent vortex.
When we got home, Jof was out at another parent-teacher association meeting. This time she has volunteered us to run the Hook-a-Duck stall.
We have some experience of that - I did it twice yesterday ...

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