Monday, 11 May 2015

Whoops Apostrophe and the Scout OberGruppen

product funny name fail low fart spreadToday Jof and I terminated to the car for the school run. This verb does not represent 'dispense immediate death without fear, pity or remorse' but speaks of a determined yet painful walk dragging one foot behind you like Arnie after he's been run over by the petrol tanker.
My toe is purple on the inside (not crunchy on the outside) and even Miss M said it looked bad.
damaged toe and nails that need cuttingPoor old Jof has a bad knee and back so we drove gingerly to school trying not to go round any corners which is a tough ask in Downtown Pompey.
There was no PE and in playtime I just sat there. We learned about the use of apostrophes and sound waves, using a vibrational damping mechanism to silence a mobile phone, perhaps we can wrap Woo-Boy next door in rubber matting as well. For acting homework I shot a video in only 2 takes of me singing a bit of 'My Bonnie lies over the ocean' with a slight change of lyrics and a flourish at the end.
Scouts was different! Not only did we have to take our bikes in as part of our Cycle Maintenance badge, but there were suddenly some familiar faces.
5th portsmouth scout group milton st jamesThe Scout group at my old school died for want of adult supervision so they have all joined our group for a try-out session to see if they want to merge with us. So I saw Flynn and Matthew-the-fastest-boy-in-the-school and Oliver and Harry and our Uber-Group was very large indeed, which I guess makes Bagheera the Obergruppenfuhrer of 20 Cub Scouts.
We deflated and re-inflated a tyre and took the front wheel off a bike and adjusted lots of spindles and spigots and flanges and then we played rounders outside and I ran somebody out on 4th base.

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