Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Inflatable VE Day

Really getting the hang of these Sundays. I've got Klash-of-Klans which has taken over pole position of the first thing I think of, from Minecraft. Pushed back into third place is TV. Things like eating breakfast and doing homework are comfortably behind in 9th and 137th places respectively.
scout camp scene for scout group advertOK, so he made me complete the Scouts homework (design a poster to help advertise the group) in which I drew the things I most associate with Scout camp which are campfires, archery and tents. Thus I have drawn all of them although the Scout leaders might have some safety-related doubts about the archer standing in the campfire shooting arrows at a target right next to a tent with flaps akimbo.
VE Day street party Empshott road southseaAnd I did my maths homework, only having to re-do 2 questions. Jof promised me a go on the inflatable pool party thing at the Pyramids but Jof had a bad back so Bud made me cycle down there and it was epic but I did stub my toe on the lifeguard's ladder and had to have some emergency paracetamol tablets. These have been in my bag for, like, forever, so had been bashed about a lot. Thus I had a handful of paracetamol powder and washed it down with juice. I had a frosting of white powder all over my face and looked like that chap in Die Hard who was sniffing the Bolivian Marching Powder.
On the way we met a street party. They'd applied to the council and barricaded it off with bunting and cones and were doing a barbecue and dancing with music and scooters and football in the middle of the road! It was to celebrate the end of the War in Europe, hurrah.

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