Monday, 18 May 2015

Leninist Meetings

uzbekistani tyin and som tourist coinsput some corn down for the deerHad a terrible day at school. OK, I later downgraded it to 'Bad'. Firstly, my leg hurt where I scraped it open on concrete with Ben.
Then, I was running across the playground when some 3rd Year tripped me up and down I went with another massive damage to my knee. That's 4 leg damages in 10 days. Third bad thing was spending so much time in the office having my leg re-attached that I missed half of my lunch break.
soviet russian rouble coins cccpStill, one of Bud's work colleagues just got back from Uzbekistan, as you do, and brought back 3 different Rouble coins with Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov aka Lenin looking both stern and uplifting. And the actual Uzbek coins are so worthless, they give them away to tourists in sellotape strips at the market so I got a bonus 16 Uzbek coins for my collection!
5th portsmouth milton scouts group agmIn the evening the normal Scouts was replaced by the AGM. He didn't tell me it was going to be so boring, or that I should have worn Cubs uniform. But once I'd got over the tablet battery running out, I bought some raffle tickets (no winners) and some biscuits and then Jof turned up to rescue me.
She stayed for a little bit, just long enough to remember that she hates children and doesn't want to be a Scout leader. 3 of our Cubs were promoted to Scouts and there was a meeting about the camp next month but I didn't stay.
In other news, today we bought a house.

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