Saturday, 30 May 2015

Many Hands make House Work

refurbishing a house for rentHe got me up at 10 something because we had jobs. Jof had unfairly allocated us some tasks in the new house and I complained that I was supposed to be on holiday but every day seems to start with 'Things to do, places to go'.
We went to Big B&Q. I found the filler and I chose a lampshade. We couldn't get a shower hose because Jof had taken the old one with her and we didn't trust her not to get one even if we'd bought one, and we didn't trust ourselves to get the right one without the example. Thusly we justified doing nothing.
polyfilla plaster repairs and toolSo, at the new house we walked home to get some bigger pliers and pulled all the nails and screws and rawlplugs out of the walls all over the house. Some came out nicely, and some didn't.
game of frisbee milton park portsmouthThen we took the filler and I filled all the holes right back up again. This is great practice for when I'm the Rachman of the future (London slum landlord of the 50s and 60s).
Then we installed the lampshade, switched the fridge back on and we were done! For lunch we watched Terminator 2 and played Frisbee in the park where I met Poppy C and Elizabeth Puddle. I used the Frisbee to pour woodchips into the dress of the dolly (one dolly was called Molly and the other dolly was Holly) and then I played Minecraft on the X-box which is on the big TV so a much bigger picture. Jof had worked too many days in a row so she had a bacon sandwich and we did chicken stir-fry with noodles for supper with Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop, my choice for family viewing.

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