Saturday, 23 May 2015

A Medium-sized Fire Axe

aylward street portsmouthWoke up at half past nine and barely got to enchant any diamond armour at all before we took a bus to the dockyard area for my acting lesson. Recently we discovered a new adventure playground which is a council-funded place of outside activity called Portsea Venture Playground. It's only a street away from my theatre so an ideal place to get some exercise and limber up for a hard day's acting.
We explored it and it has many towers and walkways packed into a single city block probably released for use by the blitzkrieg of the 1940s, so thank you Mr Hitler, we know a song about that. We played ball tag and their water fountain is very enthusiastic and squirted everywhere.
Acting was in a different location today. In a glorious role-reversal, the theatre was booked out for a wedding so we had the lesson at a nearby church. St George's church (also known as the Shipwright's church) was built in 1753 by several shipwrights and some hangers-on and following the urban clearances of the aforementioned Nazi bombing raids, stands alone in St George's Square surrounded by cobblestones.
shipwrights church st georges square portsmouth We got there dead on time but nobody was in. I banged on the doors and was lifted up to many windows and peered in but it was 10 minutes before our acting teacher deigned to admit he'd been hiding in there all along and we started the lesson. It was tough, I had to sing, dance, act and generally perform ALL AT THE SAME TIME, which was a severe strain, I can tell you.
Afterwards I felt sorry for myself and had a home-made pizza in the dockyard café and bought 2 new pencil sharpeners and we met a massive Scout troop from Chingford in Essex, 2 hours it took them to get here.
At home I waited for my Level 6 Public Toilets to mature, but at least I was able to sell 27 emeralds on Minecraft, so not all bad. The evening film was Arnold Schwarzenegger in Collateral Damage in which he is a heroic yet grizzled firefighter trekking through the Colombian jungle. I liked the bit at the end where he chopped the bad guy with a medium-sized fire axe to the chest cavity, and I asked will he come back again, because the bad guy always does, he even survived the subterranean gas explosion. After a supper of kedgeree (loaded with scampi, salmon, eggs, calamari and sweetcorn, pity the methane filtration systems) we saw the promised Galaxy Quest. I reckoned I understood the washed-up actor scenario.
The Eurovision Song Contest never fails to amuse, even after 60 years. Moldova had to give 12 points to Romania, or lose their water supply. Lithuania rebelled against Putin by only awarding 10 points to Russia. We got a point, which was nice, and Italy fared well even if the bustier broads came from Greece.

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