Wednesday, 20 May 2015

I Blame it on ze Boum-Boum

climbing rocks milton park portsmouthDIY man fixes house while waiting for the wife funny cartoonTook Ben home from school and all the way back, we talked about the Klash-of-Klans. He's been on there for longer than me so he's got a Level 6 Lawnmower that enables him to buy extra Terrapins, and because he's Gemmed up his Walls he can get a Level 4 Public Toilet if only he can save up another 100,000 Goldmines and steal some Dark Elixir from the Gargoyle.
Independently, we all find it amazing that our parents seem to not care about, or indeed, keep track of our Wizard Queen Archery Towers.
Anyway, we arrived at the park and played Tennis Ball Tag with Johnny.
Brandon joined in and is a replacement for Robert in that he voluntarily tags himself by kicking the ball at people. Pops and Lexy ran interference by stealing it and playing volleyball.
lego balloon with skeleton humanoid minifigureLater, Ben found an abandoned metal toy truck so we proceeded to destroy it in a game called Crash Test Lorries by throwing it against trees, pavements and the climbing rocks, knocking off wheels, windscreens and axles. It was a linguistic bridge too far to call the game F***-a-Truck, maybe we'll think of it later.
Taking them both home for Lego, it got a bit raucous and some of the Lego baseboards on my Crafting Table lifted and will have to be re-glued. Still, there's a job for half-term, as well as filling even more boxes with wood for the Scout campfire.
In other news, I have made a rather good Lego hot air balloon. It's on a stanchion for levitation purposes and the cage contains a skeletal rider for Death Metal purposes.

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