Thursday, 14 May 2015

When Shall we 12 Meet Again?

engrish menu product funny failToday in school we designed our own vehicle, as part of our Romans and Motorised Transport module. (Surely you knew about that ...)
B&Q portsmouth DIY store tools sectionSo, I chose the front section of a Roman chariot with the semi-circular frontispiece for the charioteer to stand and whip Mr Ben Hur, and attachments for 2 horses. Then, a much wider rear end with the over-hoops and linen coverings that you might remember from going west on the old waggon trains to shoot American Indians and mine for gold, religious freedom, starvation and VD.
This vehicle is a goods delivery van and can carry a heavy load.
ferpanco candies atomic fireblast red balls sweets
An Unrequired Taste
After school we scooted home in yet more rain and went to Big B&Q to buy more broomsticks. The Coven of Witches has obviously had a successful recruitment drive and we found another 6 broomsticks (to add to the 6 bought yesterday) and played stage swordfights in the aisles. The lady on the till said she used to be a Sea Scout so no doubt they used to have mock battles with oars instead of broomsticks (what a load of rowlocks).
We hid all our purchases in the Scout lock-up and I was left in peace. 2 weeks ago, at the fair on the seafront, I won a single packet of imported sweeties by shooting them off a shelf with a cork from an airgun. Today I tried one "Atomic FireBlast - Hot Hard Candy Sweets" and it was disgusting. It even has a warning in the ingredients section - "E129 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children" so I look forward to climbing the walls but not remembering.

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