Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Never-ending Quest

blue plastic giraffe from restaurant gunwharfAfter breakfast he said let's go for a walk to clear the cobwebs before my acting lesson. We didn't find any spiders at all but then it started raining so we didn't even make it to the butchers. But we espied a pallet at the side of the road and brought it home, for Scout Campfire purposes.
I spotted a shelving unit in the passageway behind our house and went back for the removable shelves, boy oh boy this is going to be a great campfire.
I acting I was paired up with the girls which is great because it meant I wasn't paired up with the disruptive boy and I was actually able to get some work done. Plus I cut both my trousers and my knee open on a sticky-up nail on the stage and bled everywhere, suffering for my art. It was a play about people dying in a bombed-out house in world war 2 so I was method acting really.
Walked into Gunwharf for lunch and went to Giraffe which was full of pretentious food we'd never heard of and they got Jof's order wrong but they gave me a blue plastic giraffe with a very long neck and a sheet of Dinos to colour in.
Went looking for Ben Ainslie's new sailing club building but it was entirely obscured by the Isle of Wight ferry so we couldn't see it.
kids colouring in project at giraffe gunwharf quaysDuring my acting lesson Bud searched 8 charity shops in Cosham for "Galaxy Quest" which they have deemed a suitable film for me to watch. After buying End of Days (Schwarzenegger) and Spinal Tap and Demolition Man he found it and the Quest of several weeks was over. When we put it in the DVD player it said 'Wrong Region' - ie it plays in America only. I think it'd be cheaper to buy it from Amazon than to get a plane ticket over to the states so pants to everything. We watched Demolition Man instead. It was very funny. Later we watched "The Game" with Michael Douglas, full of mind-poodling confusion but in weewee breaks I tried to ameliorate the ongoing internecine squabbling between Erin and Ben and James in our Klash-of-Klans clan. If they all decide to withdraw will that be Ethnic Klansing?

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