Thursday, 30 April 2015

KhaziDroid: Bogbot from Hell

pile of used pallets by waters' edgeJof had asked me to feed her pigs (on Hayday, not real pigs) when I got home from school, I tried but I got there too late. This does not mean she got deceased cyber-pigs, just that they didn't produce any crackling.
Today I had a dental checkup appointment with the new dentist with wayward hair. He told me I hadn't brushed my teeth enough and that because my mouth is so small (even if I can't keep it shut) I may have to have braces one day. This is just bluster from these fly-by-night healthcare professionals, I'm sure, if I'm to be an international film star I won't want a gobful of titanium.
kampa king khazi camping toilet from towsureThen we took some repaired hurricane lamps and a portable toilet to the Scout lock-up.
The Kampa King Khazi (yes) is a camping latrine that vaguely resembles the bottom end of a cut-price Dalek. All I need to do is stick on some egg-boxes and go round hectoring people in a silly voice and I can take over this sector of space.
Thus I took the chance to wear a colander on my head and wield the Egg-whisk of Doom and the Sink Plunger of Eternal Damnation, as you do, when you're planning on exterminating an entire species. After all, when else will you have a 'king khazi in your kitchen.
Tomorrow it is Blue Day in which we will wear blue, be depressed about turning 21 in prison doing life without parole and go round singing sad songs about lost homelands, ex-girlfriends and how we got laid off at the factory. Also there will be book quizzes so I have made it my priority to re-read all 7 Harry Potter books tonight in order to maximize my knowledge. Sadly Minecraft and 6 new episodes of Gravity Falls got in the way.

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