Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Giant Tennis Ball Unite!

gas station sign funny failSchool was OK but Ben was so slow leaving in the afternoon, I went in to find him.
He gave me a tour of his classroom (yes, I've been in his classroom before, it was more of a show and tell of the project work) so in fairness, we both went over to my classroom to inspect and compare all the Roman artefacts done by my classmates.
Here you can see my Lego sword and Jof's mosaic.
On the way home we did the who am I game again. In what we imagine is a posh voice, you state:
meon junior school classwork romansHello. My first name is ______, my second name is _____ and my third name is _____. So I am _____ _____ _____.
It's just a matter of filling in the blanks. For example, my full name could be Professor Wiggly Bumbiter. You just have to imagine 2 young chaps following the same formula for the whole way home...
"Hello. My second name, no, my first name is Professor, my second name is Penis, no, my first name is Dead-in-a-ditch, my second name is, um, Professor, my third name is squashed tomato, and so my full name is Dancing Tomatoes is-going-to-get-killed".
game of tag with a giant tennis ballWe played Lego in my room until the designated time for the park when the rain had stopped and it was bright and warm. Bobert met us on my doorstep and we all ran there together.
Ben always brings his football but I took my secret weapon which is the giant yellow tennis ball we got last week. It's light and very bouncy and everyone loved it so we played Ball-Tag which is not rude but basically "It" where you have to hit someone with the ball and then they're "It".
Mostly we threw it at each other but 3 of us are football-mad and quite skilled so there was a lot of kicking as well. We managed to play this (not including 2 food breaks) for nearly an hour before Owen the Destroyer got kicked and the JBs had to be taken home, so we headed back to mine and got nearly an hour of Lego before he was taken from me, can't I keep him?

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